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Its your temple. Only you can make it happen.


The temple has an elaborate plan to include all the amenities to accommodate devotees, tourists and visitors with proper care and love. Top floor of the space of temple hall is allocated for the pleasure of Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha and Krishna.

As of now Farmington Hills ISKCON temple obtained re-occupancy approval from city. City Plumbing department, electrical department, building department and fire marshal inspected our premises and approved the re-occupancy for the existing building as a temple.

Temple management submitted our renovation and new construction design plan to city of Farmington Hills. By the divine blessings of their lordship the plan is finally approved by the city.

This is an ambitious project requiring help from everyone. Become our ambassadors.

Help us spread the Message of love and peace.

Existing building acquisition, renovation and customization cost : $0.8M

New temple building construction cost:$2.15M

Projected dates:

Start of new temple building construction: April 2015
End of project construction: Feb 2016


One who builds a beautiful temple for Lord Krishna will be freed from all sinful reactions and he will enter the Vaikuntha planets.

Narasimha purana


By building a temple for the Lord one is freed from all sins. By building a temple for the Lord, such a devotee takes his or her family, a hundred generations past and a hundred to come, to the region of Acyuta

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Contact Info

36600 Grand River Ave,
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
Phone: 734-680-6577
E-mail: info@iskconmichigan.com
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